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In 2019 LS FOUR TECH Co.,Ltd (aka LSF) is establised to develop surface treatment specialized in lithium polymer battery, known as secondary battery, and effort to be forefront. 

Before establishing LSF, from 2014 with constant experience that collaborating with big companies, no we creates non-Cr surface treatment and take place surface treatment market fast.

LSF makes chemical surface treatment to enhance the thermal adhesion and durability of secondary batteries. Forthermore, participating in research of secondary batteries with international companies the qality of chemicals are growing equivalant. 

We also admire environment and technology development together. LSF produces and developes that not only minimizes hazardous chemicals but also grows the quality of secondary batteries. 

We guarantee you to supply high functioning chemical surface treatment. 

Best regards,

Ilja Kim, CEO of LS FOUR TECH 

corporate philosophy

​We conduct people-centered management and respect each individual's personality.

​We regard people as the source of customer value creation as an important asset.


Respect Human Dignity

​For the development of innovative technologies  Produce creative and differentiated ideas

We constantly strive to develop the best technology.

Development Based Creativity

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To provide customers with high-quality products and services. 

​We produce high-quality products that exceed expectations.

High Quality

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